Blockchain Alliance for Global Good

We believe in coming together to make the world a better place, for the common good, and putting the human above the token.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to unite blockchain and cryptocurrency companies together to incentivize inherent and integrated social impact, and change the world through joint ventures.

We champion the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and build our networks and reach to improve as many of them as possible.

We also commit to:

  • Establishing thought leadership to establish the paradigm of social impact embedded into company action.

  • Furthering research and development that makes the blockchain space the heart of social impact in the world.

  • Elevating the identity of cryptocurrency as a disruptive and diverse technology center.

  • Engaging the power of our bridged communities as a force for global good.

Our Origin

As founders of the Blockchain Alliance for Global Good, EG aims to reduce tribalism and promote a humanitarian vision within crypto culture, as we band together to build the digital future.

EG is the first and largest social impact movement on the blockchain, with the express goal of revolutionizing charity.

With more than $3.5M donated so far, the startup has developed a passionate community and an extensive network of partners who share common ideals.

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Our Work So Far

Membership Benefits

Share Expertise

The crypto world can be a bear to navigate. By pooling our resources everyone can succeed.

Link Networks

It’s all about who you know. We’re stronger together when we find ways to support each other.


Savvy investors are looking for savvy investments. There’s more than enough to go around when we connect our communities.

Stand Out

Membership is no small feat. Everyone in the alliance stands for something different, but we all stand together.

The Criteria

Membership in the Alliance is exclusive to blockchain projects who want to take an active part in the shared mission, and must prove legitimacy.

A candidate organization must:

  • aim to improve the world through its business operations

  • donate to worthy causes

  • be embedded in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industry

  • provide sufficient checks and security measures against fraud and deceit